Enhancing Payroll Protection: Sustainable Financial Wellbeing

While the short-term effects of the pandemic are receding, small businesses will continue to experience the aftershocks of a recession for some time. This memo calls attention to a segment of the...

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Achieving the PPP Mission: A Final Prescription and Beyond to Support All of America’s Small Businesses

If PPP closes on May 31st as scheduled, or likely even sooner as funds are running low, these small business owners risk being permanently left on the sidelines without the assistance they...

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Key Concepts To Know About Data Flow

We define a set of what are becoming common terms in discussions of the data-driven world that frequently intersect the world of lawmakers and other policy stakeholders.

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Measuring the Economic Impact of Business Access to Data

The flow of data within and between platforms, organizations, jurisdictions has enabled companies to globally hire, analyze, manufacture, market, and sell in ways that were impossible just a short time ago.

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