Microeconomics of the Digital Economy

In the digitally-driven economy, data is a ‘natural resource’ that creates the conditions for capital investment, value creation, and commerce. We develop and analyze data to determine the economic value of technology platforms, marketplaces, and ecosystems, and their impacts on both businesses and consumers.

Small Business and the Digital Safety Net

Small businesses that drive a large part of the economy were hard hit by COVID-19. However, our research on small businesses revealed the existence of a “Digital Safety Net” – a metaphor for affordable and widely available digital tools and services – that has helped them be more resilient and even thrive during the pandemic.

Redesigning Industries For a Post-COVID World

COVID-19 has shifted the business environment to a more touchless, virtual, mobile, integrated, automated, and efficient one. Agile companies and industries that use digital tools and innovations to quickly adapt to a Post-COVID World will be more successful during and after the pandemic. We are developing industry-specific benchmarking that quantitatively measures this evolution and its impact on the economy.

Digital Innovation as Opportunity and Threat

As businesses test and adopt digital technologies, they open themselves to new risks including data breaches and privacy violations and attract new forms of public scrutiny. We are invested in mapping and understanding the threats and opportunities the Digital Economy creates in business, politics and government regulations.

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